YAMAHA 01V96i – Console audio numérique


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UGS : 101 Catégorie :


16 in/16 out live audio streaming at 96kHz via USB2.0 for direct multitrack recording and playback.
24bit/96kHz performance with improved studio-quality head amps.
La suite complète d’effets VCM et de réverbérations REV-X haute résolution Yamaha.
96kHz internal effects and top-quality compression, gating and delay.
Powerful mixing capacity with up to 40 inputs and 20 buses at 96kHz.
I/O expansion slot accepts mini-YGDAI cards for up to 16 additional channels of I/O in a variety of analog or digital formats.
En mode 44,1/48 kHz, la console 01V96 offre quatre processeurs multi-effet stéréo à haute performance qui fournissent la même qualité que les processeurs d’effet fournis sur les consoles DM2000, 02R96 et DM100.
Precision 100mm motor faders and scene memory with recall safe and global paste functions.
Bundled with the latest Cubase AI.
Compatible with both Windows or Macintosh versions of 01V96i Editor for offline data management and online control.